C.H.I.P Mission: 

Removing the stereotype and stigma about Jews and Israel takes education.
To send middle school students and their educators, of all creeds, to Israel to gain firsthand educational experience, with positive impacting results that help defuse all the lies disseminated about Israel, and upon returning home hold and share a long lasting positive brand of Israelis and their Homeland, Israel.

In a nutshell: C.H.I.P is a universal, educational program to teach the young, from all walks of life, Jews and non-Jews, who live outside Israel, about Western Civilization values while making them friends of Israel, the cradle of their civilization.

The journey begins with middle school age students – 12-15 year old – who will visit Israel, for a twelve days firsthand experience to make acquaintance with the exuberant, animated and innovative modern Jewish state, convened and rebuilt on the ruins of 4000 years Jewish history in the land, the bastion of Western Civilization fabric, which began when the Jewish nation received the Ten Commandments to then shared these constitutional values with all humankind.

C.H.I.P’s anticipation offers the young generation an Israel experience, with no political or faith designation, that will be everlasting. When the program’s young participants grow up and take their place in society to become political and other type leaders, inter alia spiritual, educators, business owners, media members or the man and woman on the street, their firsthand experience and interaction with Israel and Israelis will influence their attitude and decisions toward the nation state of the Jewish people that, at no fault of her own, is so often struggling to be just one other member nation among all other nations. The students will grow up to know that the unfortunate ubiquitous discrimination and troubling malevolent behavior toward Israel – to include the present-day BDS (Boycott, Divest, Sanction) trend – and Jews – or for that matter any other human nation and being – is simply unjust and unfair stereotyping.

The memories of the remarkable experiences and surprises the participants in the Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program (Acronym C.H.I.P) have had during their tour of the land of Israel, and the friendships they will form with Israelis, their age, will guide them throughout their lifetime as well as will trickle to as many others.

In addition:

C.H.I.P (Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program) is a non-partisan, non-aligned educational program for youth, its aim is to educate and thus prepare a generation that promotes, defends and upholds Western Values and ideals. C.H.I.P aim is to create networking groups, the world over, to identify threats to Western Civilization and learn to protect them by motivating, educating and uniting young citizens in support of their deep rooted, yet constantly being distorted, Western Values.

C.H.I.P promotes education, alliance building and advocacy aiming to build an international coalition of young citizens of the West who will join together to promote and protect moral values, democracy and freedom.

It has been known that modern civil society thrives on freedoms of conscience, religion and choice. Without these freedoms the human personality and its potential for goodness, creativity and altruism are stifled. Should these freedoms be denied, opportunities for oppression, coercion and totalitarianism are made and are exponentially multiplied.


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