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In 1998, the community of Whitwell Middle School in Whitwell, Tennessee, began a study about the Holocaust.

The purpose of the study was to create an awareness of how diverse is the global community and how the smallest of one’s actions can become a force for good, or evil, in the world.

The efforts of the students, the staff, and the community as a whole have resulted in an increased understanding of the suffering the Jewish people have endured throughout history culminating in the Holocaust. Those efforts emphasized on the experience that it is possible that one person, or minute group pf people’s vision can be combined with the force of many others to bring about positive changes in the culture, and the realization that we must all practice a vigilance that intolerance, disrespect, injustice, stereotyping is erased from the world and respect, tolerance, acceptance and love of our fellow man, are to ensure that genocide ceases to exist and peace prevails on our planet.

These last seventeen years Whitwell Middle School has worked tirelessly with one, inter alia, goal in mind, to someday take a group of past and present students to Israel. This is a goal, for a community where 72.5% of the students qualify for free and reduced lunches, that will require the help from others who wish to thank the school for making a change in the world and further global connections between different background groups are developed.

Well, Whitwell Middle School will be finally off to Israel on May 2016, making their dream come true through Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program (Acronym C.H.I.P), the bridge to hearts, minds and souls.

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We are reaching out to you, the public, on behalf of Whitwell Middle School students in the hope that you would be able to sponsor, donate, or help raise the funds needed for the 25 students plus an appropriate number of chaperones to visit Israel @ $4,000.00 per student scholarship.

Public collective efforts will bring about the dream of the Whitwell Middle School students who have been and are working tirelessly, for almost two decades to teach the world tolerance, compassion and the respect of others, traits that are fast eroding in a world seeking a shining bright light of well deserve change.

With Blessing and Shalom,

Nurit Greenger, President

C.H.I.P (Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program)


To all supporters

“Do you wish to travel back in time to see, first hand, how Western Civilization began?

We are that exceptional expedition program for youth!

Partner with a unique program that educates youths about Western Civilization values.

Indeed, Values!

This in an opportunity to go on an educational program expedition to the land of Israel that will educate your son and daughter about Western Civilization’s history, culture and values.

Our goal is to help instill and build these precious values in new generations and thus create a better world.

We are Western Civilization Heritage Israel Program, in short C.H.I.P., a non-profit organization, founded in order to support parents whose desire is to raise their children with knowledge and understanding of values and cultures.

Parents who seek educational opportunities that offer worldview which will help shape their children’s character to become future leading citizens who will inspire and lead others.

To achieve this goal, C.H.I.P has created a unique touring program, which will give the youth the opportunity to experience, first hand, the place where all those cherished western civilization values were given birth, the pillars of Western Civilization’s virtues, Israel.

By joining C.H.I.P you say YES to respect and acceptance of others and to tolerance. Together we will build bridges of hearts, minds and souls!

How can you help this unique program?

Support and sponsor the C.H.I.P’s expedition program to the cradle of Western Civilization, Israel.

Your donation is the grant that will reduce the cost of the program for the participants.

As parents we are well aware that education is the key that opens many doors.

Parents, join the mission; talk with your family members, friends, community leaders and educators about the C.H.I.P program and together we will be able to achieve life-changing results.

Become a member of C.H.I.P by sponsoring a student and thus be part of this life changing educational effort.

To learn more, please visit our website:

When you INVEST in values, you secure your children’s future.

Ideas and values are the force that drives the civilized world’s history. By investing in what we believe, we will secure the future of our civilized world, and nowadays that should be our priority.

Be a builder of bridges of hearts, minds and souls! Become part of C.H.I.P, western values in harmony.




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